“The World’s First Indigenous Full Distance Triathlon”



Hawke’s Bay (Te Matau-a-Māui), New Zealand (Aotearoa).

Swim Course: 4 Hardinge Road, Ahuriri, Napier.

Finish Line Vicinity: Napier Soundshell- 70 Marine Parade, Napier.










Event Info


 Event Location: Te Matau-a-Māui (Hawke’s Bay), Aotearoa (New Zealand)

  • Swim Course: 4 Hardinge Road, Ahuriri, Napier.
  • Finish Line Vicinity: Napier Soundshell- 70 Marine Parade, Napier.

 Distance: Full Distance Triathlon consisting of-

  • 3.8KM Ocean Swim
  • 180KM Cycle
  • 42.2KM Run

*Individual Entry (Athlete completes all Three Disciplines) OR Team Entry (Made up of Three athletes- each complete One of the Disciplines)

Swim Course

The 2-Lap course is located in the sheltered bay of Ahuriri, and sees swimmers stay closer to the shoreline, meaning less exposure to the weather and better swim conditions.

Cycle Course

The fast and flat 3-Lap course starts by heading along the Napier Marine Parade, out towards Clifton. To keep your mind occupied, there are breath taking views through the entirety of the course of both the east coast and Te Mata O Rongokako (Te Mata Peak).

Run Course

The 4-Lap course will be based along the Napier Marine Parade pathway. You will be able to enjoy the ocean views, and coastline from Te Kauwae-a-Māui (Cape Kidnappers) right around to the Mahia Peninsula.


Course Descriptions

Swim Course Directions:

All Athletes will be required to make their way down the Swim Chute to the Shoreline for the mass start. Once the Putatara-Conch Horn has commenced, which is the signal for the ‘Start’ has been provided, the athletes will swim straight 210M towards the first buoy. Once they have reached the first buoy, they will make a right turn heading around the first buoy towards the second buoy. Athletes will swim 460M towards the second buoy. Once they have reached the second buoy, they will head right turn heading around the buoy, swimming 160M towards the third buoy. Once the athletes have reached the third buoy, they will make a right turn heading around the buoy, and then swimming straight 460M towards the fourth buoy.

Athletes will be required to complete 3 Laps of this course. On their final Lap, once they have reached the third buoy and have made a right hand turn around the buoy, they will swim 460M towards the fifth buoy. Once they have reached the fifth buoy, they will make a left hand turn around the buoy, and swim 30M towards the Shoreline.

 Once they have reached the shore, they will exit the water and continue through the Swim Chute, and into Transition.

Bike Course Directions:

Athletes will exit transition, and head east along Hardinge Road. At the intersection, turn left onto State Highway 50. Continue straight, which will directly transition into Breakwater Road, then Marine Parade, and eventually onto State Highway 51.

Continue straight on State Highway 51 heading towards Clive. In Clive, turn left onto School Road. Continue straight along School Road, where you will reach a slight righthand turn as the road directly transitions onto Lawn Road. Continue straight along Lawn Road, until you reach the Lawn Road/Mill Road Roundabout. Turn left at the roundabout onto Mill Road, where you will cycle over ‘Black Bridge’. Turn left onto Haumoana Road. Haumoana Road turns slightly right and becomes Parkhill Road. Continue along Parkhill Road, which will directly transition into East Road. East Road turns right and becomes Clifton Road.

Continue along Clifton Road to the turnaround point. The turnaround point will be located outside of the ‘Gannet Beach Adventures’, opposite the ‘Hygge Café’. An Aid Station and Toilets will be located at this point. The Special Need’s will also be situated at the Clifton Turnaround Point. You will collect your Lap Counting Bad at this Aid Station. Athletes will then be required to follow the same route back, until you reach East Road/Parkhill Road.

Athletes will then be required to turn left at this intersection and continue along Parkhill Road, where you will reach a slight righthand turn as the road directly transitions in Raymond Road. Continue straight along Raymond Road, until you reach the Raymond Road/Tuki Tuki Road intersection. Turn left at the intersection, continuing along Tuki Tuki Road until 200M past the Moore Road/Tuki Tuki Road intersection. This will be the second turnaround point. You will then continue back along Tuki Tuki Road, until you reach the Haumoana Road/Mill Road/Tuki Tuki Road intersection. Turn left onto Mill Road, continuing over ‘Black Bridge’. Turn left at the Mill Road/Lawn Road Roundabout. Continue along Lawn Road. An Aid Station and Toilets will be located down Lawn Road. Once you have reached 1.88KM down Lawn Road, you will make your way around the third turnaround point. You will then continue back along Lawn Road to the Mill Road/Lawn Road Roundabout. Turn left once you have reached the Roundabout and continue straight along Mill Road until you reach the Mill Road/State Highway 51 intersection. Turn right at this intersection heading through Clive towards Napier on State Highway 51.

State Highway 51 will directly transition onto Marine Parade. Once you reach the Marine Parade/Tennyson Street Round about located opposite the Finish Line Vicinity (Napier Sound Shell), you will head around the roundabout taking the third exit, where you will then begin your second lap. You will be required to complete 3 Laps.

Once you have completed your third lap, you will continue straight through the Marine Parade/Tennyson Street roundabout back towards Transition, based at Hardinge Road.

Before entering Transition, you will dismount from your Bike at the designated spot. As you enter Transition walking your Bike an IRONMĀORI Kaitautoko will take your Bike for racking. Please hand your bike off to them with appreciation, knowing you do not have to rack your Bike and can proceed to collect your Run Gear Bag, before entering the Changing Tent.

You will exit then exit the Changing Tent onto the shoreside boardwalk to complete your 42.2KM Run.

You MUST have THREE Bands before entering Transition.

Run Course Directions:

Exit transition onto the shoreside boardwalk. Athletes will continue along Hardinge Road walkway, directly transitioning onto the Breakwater Road walkway. Continue towards the Napier Port Traffic Lights intersection, where you will safely make your way across. Continue along the Breakwater Road walkway, past the Napier Port. Once you reach the Napier Port entry, you will safely cross the road onto the shoreside Marine Parade walkway. Continue straight along the walkway, where you will continue past the Napier Sound Shell, National Aquarium and past The BMX Track, to the Turnaround Point. This is approximately 4.86km from the Coffee Container and will be the Turnaround Point (Marked Turnaround #1 on Map). An Aid Station will be located at point which will include food, hydration, and toilets. 

Athletes will then be required to continue north back along the walkway in the direction you have just completed. Continue straight, until you reach the Coffee Container, near the Napier Port entrance. This is the second turnaround point (Marked Turnaround Point #2 on Map), you have now completed your FIRST LAP. You will collect your Lap Counting Bands from this point. An Aid Station will also be located at this point which will include food, hydration, and toilets.

You will be required to complete THREE more loops from the Coffee Container (Marked Turnaround Point #2 on Map) through to the ‘Beach Access Car Park’, this is approximately 4.86km from the Coffee Container and will be the Turnaround Point (Marked Turnaround #1 on Map).  On your FINAL Lap you would head back towards to Coffee Container to receive your FINAL LAP BAND. You will then make your way back towards the Napier Soundshell to enter the Finish Line Chute.

There are THREE AID STATIONS on the Run Course, which are approximately 2.4km a part. 

You MUST have FOUR Bands before entering the Finish Line Chute.



Event Pricing

Individual Entry (18+):

  • $1000 plus 4% online registration fee 

Team Entry (18+):

  • $1200 plus 4% online registration fee

Register online via our website-

  • Individual Entry (18 years +): $1000 (Excludes Online Registration Fee)
  • Team Entry (18 years +):  $1200  (Excludes Online Registration Fee)

Event Timetable

Thursday 30th November 2023:

  • Powhiri (Welcome)/Blessing of Pounamu (Whānau are welcome to attend with you)
  • Registration Sign In/Race Pack Collection held at the Napier Conference Centre and War Memorial (Marine Parade)
  • First Timers Seminar (Not compulsory) 


Friday 1 December 2023:

  • Registration Sign In/Race Pack Collection (Morning only)
  • Drop off Race Packs/Rack Bikes (Hardinge Road/Ahuriri)


Saturday 2 December 2023:

  • Event Day

Sunday 3rd December 2023:

  • Event Prize Giving



Age Categories

Details are currently being reviewed by IRONMᾹORI Event Organisers, and will be provided in the coming weeks.

  1. Question: Can I register as a team?

 Answer: No, as an Individual only (18+ Year’s)


  1. Are there still entries available to register?

 Answer: Yes, you are still able to register. Entries are flowing in steadily.


  1. Question: Do I have to be Māori to enter?

 Answer: No, we welcome all ethnicities, genders, ages 18+.


  1. Can I pay monthly instalments?

 Answer: Yes, please view our ‘Payment Plan Scheme on the IRONMᾹORI TOA landing page on our website, for all details.


  1. What is the TOA Event Schedule?


Wednesday 30th November 2022:

  • Powhiri (Welcome)/Blessing of Pounamu (Whanau are welcome to attend with you)- 10:30AM (Compulsory)
  • First Timer’s Seminar- 2:00PM-3:00PM (Not- Compulsory)

Thursday 1st December 2022:

  • Registration Sign In/Race Pack Collection held at the Napier Conference Centre and War Memorial (Marine Parade)- 10:00AM -1:00PM

Friday 2nd December 2022:

  • Drop off Race Packs/Rack Bikes (Hardinge Road/Ahuriri)- 10:00AM -1:00PM

Saturday 3rd December 2022: Event Day.

  • Swim commences at Hardinge Road, leave on Bike and will not return to this location until you have completed your final Lap.
  • Bike heads out towards Clifton- back, Tuki Tuki Road, Lawn Road then back to Tennyson Street Roundabout by Napier Soundshell (3 Laps), transition back at Hardinge Road after final Lap.
  • Run along Marine Parade Walkway, 4 laps
  • Finish Line Vicinity at Napier Soundshell.

Sunday 4th December 2022:

  • Prizegiving will be held at the Napier Soundshell on Sunday 4th December 2022, at 11:00AM. We encourage you to bring along your friends and whānau to celebrate your achievement with you.


  1. Will there be a First-Timers Seminar?

Answer: Yes, there definitely will be a First Timer’s Seminar, the time/day will be outlined in the Event Race Manual which will be emailed to all participants in the lead up to the Event.


  1. Do I need to be Vaccinated to compete in this event?

 Answer: If the New Zealand Government issues this as being mandatory for the triathlon events sector. This event will require all participants to be fully vaccinated and provide evidence of vaccination through a vaccine passport/certificate as a condition of entry.


  1. What if I am no longer able to make the event? Am I able to request a refund?

Answer: If you cannot participate in the 2022 IRONMᾹORI Toa Event for any reason, a refund of 50% of the registration fee will be available in accordance with the below stated Athlete Withdrawal date only. An administration fee of $150 (NZD) will be deducted from the refund being provided.

All refund requests must be submitted by 30th June 2022 11:59pm (NZST). There will be no refunds for athlete withdrawals after this date.

Requests for refunds must be notified to the organiser in writing via email at

Where eligible, please allow up to 30 business days for your refund to be processed.

The refund will be automatically issued to the credit card originally used to pay for the registration.

After the stipulated dates, entry fees are non-refundable for withdrawals initiated by the athlete.

For further details regarding the Refund Policy, please refer to our Event Waiver.


  1. If Covid-19 stops the event from going ahead, what will happen to my entry?

Answer: Where achievable, IRONMᾹORI TOA 2022 will be rescheduled. If this occurs all registered athletes for the IRONMᾹORI TOA 2022 will have their current registration automatically transferred (and any additional purchases) to the new event date. IRONMᾹORI will provide as much notice as possible, when making this decision.

Due to reasons out of IRONMᾹORI’s control, and the 2022 Event is Cancelled. All registered athletes for the IRONMᾹORI TOA 2022 will have their current registration automatically transferred (and any additional purchases) to the new event date for December 2023.

In the circumstance stipulated above, there will be no refund provided for the athlete’s registration fee (or any portion of) or any other costs incurred in connection with the event.


  1. What will happen to my registration fee if I am unable to make the date I have automatically been transferred to?

Answer: Athletes will be given a limited time frame to alternatively take an Event Credit to the value of their entry fee (including additional purchases).  This Event Credit can be used on any IRONMᾹORI Events for the following year.


  1. What if I am unable to make the event due to Border Restrictions or implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Answer: It is each athlete’s individual responsibility to ensure they can attend the event location on the event date.

A refund will not be provided to athletes unable to attend due to border restrictions.

Impacted athletes will be contacted and given a limited time opportunity to defer their entry to the following year.


  1. What if I have already registered, and the event then becomes Vaccine Mandated? What will happen to my registration if I choose to not to get?

 Answer: If we are forced to make TOA Vaccine Mandated as per the New Zealand Governments guidelines, all registered athletes will receive a formal email. In the email it will provide what options are available to you, and the timeframe you have to make your decision.


  1. Will we get race packs and special needs packs? Or are we allowed to take in our own plastic box like other IRONMᾹORI Events?

Answer: You will be provided with:

  • 1 x Pre-Swim/Recovery Tent Bag
  • 1 x Bike Bag
  • 1 x Run Bag
  • 1 x Special Needs Bag (Bike)
  • 1 x Special Needs Bag (Run)

This is subject to change. All changes will be notified on our website and in the Event Race Manual, which will be provided in the lead up to the Event.

No, Boxes or Bins allowed in Transition, no exceptions.


  1. Will there be security to watch over Transition?

Answer: Yes, there will be overnight security, as per all other IRONMᾹORI Events.


  1. Will there be a Pre-dinner or after function dinner?

Answer: No, we consider our Powhiri as the Pre-Event proceedings.


  1. Will there be new TOA Merchandise?

Answer: Yes, there will be standard IRONMᾹORI Merchandise and TOA Merchandise available at the Event.


  1. What are the Cut off times?

Answer: You have 17 hours to complete this amazing event.  Start time for this event will be at 6.30am and close at 11.30pm

  • Swim Course Cut Off: 2 hours 20 minutes from start time to complete course.
  • Cycle Cut Off: 10 hours 30 minutes from start time to complete course. You will need to have reached 142km mark of your cycle by 3.20pm
  • Run Cut Off:. You will need to be at the 31km mark of your run by 9.40pm


  1. What if I don’t make Cut off times?

Answer: One of our empathetic officials will unfortunately inform you that you are unable to continue your day.  It is highly likely that you will be given the biggest hug and much comfort by this official as well.  Why do you have cut offs?  Health and Safety is paramount, and these times are in place to ensure you can complete this event as safely as possible.  Cut off times are not negotiable at any stage of the event.


  1. When will the Course Maps/Directions be made available?

Answer:  We hope to have the Course Maps uploaded to the website by the end of April 2022.


  1. Will there be a swim course to suit the less confident- closer to shore?

 Answer: No, we need to be at peace with Tangaroa and Hinemoana (Gods of the sea).  Practice, Practice Practice is the only way to overcome this.

But I am scared of being swum over, how can you mitigate this?

Answer: As an indigenous event, we embrace Aroha (empathy for one another), whanaungatanga (kinship), manaakitanga (looking after each other) and common courtesy. Swimming over the top of someone not only breaches our values but is very dangerous. An automatic disqualification will be given to anyone who swims over another athlete.


  1. Do I have to swim in a wetsuit, goggles, and a swim cap?

Answer:  Yes, wetsuits are compulsory, as are goggles and the swim cap (provided by us).


  1. Do I need a New Bike, Wetsuit, Shoes?

 Answer: No, work to your budget. “You can have all the gears but no idea”

Put money away each week if you do want to purchase a good pair of running shoes etc, but you do not need to by expensive gear.


  1. Will there be a Changing Tent (Post Swim-Beginning of Bike, Post Bike-Beginning of Run)?

Answer: Yes, there will be a Changing Tent based at Transition. The location will be identified on the Transition Course Map, which will be released in the coming weeks.


  1. In the Change Tent will there be a sperate area for Wahine/Tane?

Answer: Yes, there will be on large Marquee which will be utilised as an ‘Athlete’s Changing Tent’. The Marquee will be divided into two sections, one being for our Wāhine and the other for our Tāne.


  1. Is the road closed for the whole bike course?

Answer: No, there will be certain sections of the course that will be closed to the public. Standard Road Rules will apply, this is to ensure your safety, and the safety of others.


  1. Will there be nutrition/hydration on course? If so, what? 

Answer: Yes, there will be on course nutrition & hydration. We are currently still in discussion with Sponsors regarding what will be available.


  1. On the Bike/Run will nutrition be held out or will you have to stop to pick it up?

Answer: You will be required to stop at the Aid Station if you require nutrition or hydration.


  1. How far apart will the drink stations be on the bike course? Is there an aid station map for the bike and run courses?

Answer: 25KM a part. Yes, the course Map’s will be released over the coming weeks, which will display, Aid Stations and Toilets.


  1. Are there toilets at the Aid Stations?

Answer: Yes, there will be toilets located at each Aid Station.


  1. Will there be roaming bike support to assist with punctured tires?

Answer: We encourage everyone to learn how to change a tier. There will be Bike Mechanics on course; however, you will run the risk of losing time as the few mechanics will be spreading their time across the 1000 participants.


  1. Are we allowed to Draft on the Bike Course? What is the penalty if we are caught Drafting?

Answer: No. We will have officials on motorbikes who will be enforcing this rule. Penalty Stations will be along the cycle course. Officials will hold up signs at penalty stations, with participants race numbers that have breached the rules by drafting. You will be asked to wait 3mins. Should you argue or try to negotiate the breach, your time will not start until you have accepted the penalty. It is best to abide by the officials and take time to embrace the beautiful landscapes of Ngāti Kahungunu. Given that our great chief Kahungunu, was a man who was known for being a great gatherer of kai (food), we will allow you to consume kai and Inu (liquids) whilst in the penalty box. You will be allowed to use the wharepaku AFTER your penalty time is completed, not during your penalty as we consider that an advantage. These rules will be defined further on our website, and in the Event Race Manual in the lead up to the event.


  1. Will there be a Special Needs Tent? 

Answer: Yes, there will be one ‘Special Need’s Tent’s’ on both the Cycle and Run Course. The specific location will be displayed on our course map’s, which will be released in the coming weeks.


  1. Will the ‘Special Needs’ Tent be a ‘use it or loose it’ or will we be able to recover our items?

Answer: Yes, all will be disposed of. If there is something in your ‘Special Needs Bag’ that you do not want to lose, we suggest that you collect it before disposal.


  1. Will we get wrist bands for each Run Lap completed?

Answer: Yes, you will receive a wrist band for each lap completed once you reach the turnaround point.


  1. What type of ‘Outside Assistance’ are we allowed? Is it similar to the other IRONMᾹORI Events?

Answer: No, you will not be allowed ‘Outside Assistance’. For example, if you puncture a tyre, you cannot ask a whanau member to come and assist you. A mihi, kihi, and awhi are allowed.


  1. Are we allowed to go into Transition at anytime during the Race? For example if we forgot our Sunglasses.

Answer: Unfortunately, no, once you leave Bike Transition you will not go back there until you finish your bike leg, as the turnaround point will be at the Napier Soundshell.  This also applies to the run, as once you have departed transition the turnaround point and Finish Line are both based at the Napier Soundshell. To avoid leaving something behind, perhaps you could create a tick list and leave it in you Transition Bag to remind you of what to take.


  1. How will IRONMᾹORI ensure that participants complete the Full course? Will there be timing mats at certain points?

Answer: Yes, timing mats will be situated in key points/locations throughout both the Cycle and Run course to track athletes.

We will also have an App for whānau and friends to use on Event Day, to track the athletes throughout the day.


  1. Will there be a Recovery Tent at the finish?

Answer: Yes, there will be a ‘Recovery Tent’ located at the Napier Soundshell. All Finishers will be assisted to the tent by one of our volunteers. Once you are in the Recovery Tent you will be assessed your well-being (Weighed & Health Questionnaire). There will be food, and hydration available in the Recovery Tent for you to enjoy. This is an ‘Athlete’ area only, whanau will not be able to enter the Recover Tent. Your whanau will only be contacted if it is an emergency.


  1. Do we also get a Finishers T-Shirt and towel?

Answer: Yes, you will receive a Finishers T-Shirt if you complete the event. We would like to leave an element of surprise for the other ‘Finishers Gift’.


  1. Will I still receive a finishers medal if I do not finish?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, this is not negotiable. This event is a Full Distance Triathlon and requires you to make a dedicated commitment to your training, your nutrition, and your overall well-being. Please ensure you take your whole whanau along with you in this memorable journey.


  1. What is the Finish Line protocol? Can we bring someone with us through the Finish Line Chute?

Answer: Absolutely, the Finish Line celebrates not only your achievements but those that have supported your journey. There will be an entry point along the Finish Line point, where your TWO chosen whanau/friends will be able to join you. Once you have crossed the Finish Line, your whanau/friend will then be escorted out by one of our volunteers, as you are escorted into the Recovery Tent. Take your time as you make your way down the Finish Line Chute, soak up and embrace the atmosphere.


  1. Do I need a coach?

 Answer: Not necessarily. If you have the finances and have not competed in a Full Triathlon Distance Event and want that one-on-one guidance, then yes this would be a good option for you.

However, if you do not have the finances, we recommend training with like-minded people, meaning others that train for Triathlons Events.


Other good sources to assist with your training are:


  • “Don Think”: Book


  • Search for Training Programs online


IRONMᾹORI will continue to provide informative Lives and give personal insights into their own Full Distance Triathlon journeys- regarding training, gear & equipment, and nutrition.


  1. When will Prize Giving be?

Answer: Prize Giving will be held at the Napier Soundshell on Sunday 4th December 2022, at 11:00AM. We encourage you to bring along your friends and whānau to celebrate your achievement with you.


  1. What will my family be able to do whilst I am competing?

Answer: The event is based in the heart of Ahuriri (Napier) City, where there are plenty of shops, cafes & restaurants, the National Aquarium, Ocean Spa, the Napier Skate Park, and Playground for friend’s and whānau to enjoy.


  1. Will there be a Training Camp for this event?

 Answer: Yes, this will be held in October 2022


  1. When/Where will this occur?

 Answer:  October 21-24, 2022, Ahuriri (Napier). This will be Hawke’s Bay anniversary weekend.


  1. How to I register for this Training Camp?

 Answer:  A post will go out in early September 2022, and you will be able to register online for this via our website in September.


  1. What is the Cost of this Training Camp?

 Answer:  This is yet to be determined.  You will need to take care of your own accommodation, and travel to Ahuriri.


  1. What Happens at the Training Camp?

 Answer: We will swim, cycle, run/walk over the course.  We will also have dinner together on Saturday and Sunday evening (this will be included in your camp fee). Here we will share much info about many things to help you cross the finish line…  Our camps are amazing purely because of the whanaungatanga shared, ask anyone who has been to a TOA camp, its more than a training camp.




Aid Station: Hydration/Nutrition

Course Hydration:

Our 2022 Hydration Partner’s across all IRONMĀORI Events are R-Line Electrolyte Drink

R-Line Electrolyte’s and Gel’s will be available at all Aid Station’s.  

Electrolyte Flavour’s Available:

  • Blueberry
  • Lemon and Lime


  • Blueberry Refuel Gel
  • Lemon and Lime Reload Gel


*Standard Water and Coke will also be available*


Course Nutrition:

The following nutrition will be available at all Aid Station’s

  • Ready Salted Chip’s (Thin)
  • Jet Planes
  • Moro Bar
  • Oranges
  • Banana’s 

(Please note this is a guide only and may slightly defer. The official course nutrition will be provided in the Event Manual, which will be emailed to all participants closer to the event)

Scholarship Corinne Te Au-Watson 'At dawn we ride'

Applications: 2023 Applications opening soon!

Corinne Te Au-Watson Scholarship

 ‘At dawn we ride’

Corinne Ngareta Te Au-Watson is of Ngāti Kahungunu, Kai Tahu, Te Arawa, Tuwharetoa, and Ngāti Ruanui descent.  She was raised in the beautiful rural village of Paki Paki in Te Matau a Maui (Hawke’s Bay).  She is the daughter of Jon & Tanira (Ira) Te Au and was one of eleven children, whom she looked after and cared for them all.

Corinne was a devoted and loving wife to her late husband Steve Watson. Together Corinne and Steve had six children, who then blessed them with many beautiful mokopuna, with one currently on the way.  Corinne was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sibling, and friend. Her whanau was her life.

Annually, Corinne, Steve and their children would travel to the Titi Islands. Their whanau were passionate birders and have continued this tradition for over 20 years’.

Corinne and Steve were proud owners of a successful cleaning business “Dream Clean”. She was an absolute cleaning enthusiast (if you know you know).

Corinne carried many other roles within the health sector throughout her life. This included working for the Whanganui DHB, PHO, Hauora Providers, the Cancer Society, Totara Health, Active Fitness Gym, and of course IRONMĀORI.

Corinne was passionate about her health and well-being, and fuelled her body with fresh, organic meat and produce.  

Corinne took great pride in her personal appearance. She would ensure she was immaculately dressed, and colour co-ordinated on all occasions.

She was proud to be Māori and embraced all aspects of her culture.

She loved being with whanau at her many marae. She was an old soul who loved to be surrounded by our kaumatua and kuia, listening, learning, and embracing what was being shared.

Corinne was passionate about learning her whakapapa, and upon first meeting people she could often recite their genealogy links, which would joyfully overwhelm them.

Corinne had a sweet voice and loved to sing waiata.  She was a member of many Kapa Haka roopu.  Corinne and her children were avid attenders of the Hui Aranga.

Throughout her cancer journey Corinne’s determination and drive never wavered, an attribute she carried throughout her entire life.  Corinne loved her whanau, and her one wish & hope before her passing, was for her children and mokopono to live a long, happy, and prosperous life.

 What is the Corinne Te Au-Watson Scholarship?

The Corinne Te Au-Watson ‘At dawn we ride’ Scholarship was created in loving memory of Corinne Te Au-Watson, tuakana (older sister) of Heather Te Au-Skipworth (Founder & CEO of IRONMĀORI). The Scholarship offers two deserving individuals, being one Female & one Male, an Entry into the IRONMĀORI TOA Event.

Corinne exemplified the phrase of ‘Mana Wahine’.  Her strength, courage and determination throughout life and the many obstacles she faced along the way were beyond admirable.  Corinne was charismatic, a real people person, and would unknowingly inspire, and motivate others through their own triathlon journeys, irrespective of the individuals background or athletic ability.

Corinne was a prominent part of the IRONMĀORI Kaupapa, as she was commonly found competing or volunteering her time at events. Corinne had competed in three IRONMAN Events, however, was unsuccessful in completion

The Scholarship will be awarded to two individuals who display enthusiasm to achieve their goals, strength, courage, determination, but most importantly embodies the passion that Corinne had for life and the IRONMĀORI Kaupapa.

What does the Scholarship include?

  • 2023 to be outlined soon!

*This Scholarship excludes, travel, accommodation, and other expenses*

Who can apply for the Scholarship?

  • Must be a New Zealand Citizen 18 year’s and over
  • Must have competed in at least one IRONMᾹORI Event
  • Applications can be received on someone else’s behalf; however, the recipient must be willing to participant in nib RONMᾹORI TOA 2023 if they are selected

Applicants must demonstrate in their applications?

  • Demonstrate how the IRONMᾹORI Kaupapa has impacted their lives
  • Demonstrate how their own journey/actions can inspire their whanau and the community in becoming an IRONMᾹORI TOA and embracing the IRONMĀORI kaupapa.
  • Demonstrate how the Corinne Te Au-Watson Scholarship will enable them to overcome adversity, obstacles, and life changing events to achieve their goal and cross the finish line

 What is expected of the Scholarship Recipients?

  • 2023 expectations to be outlined soon!


This special poem for Corinne ‘At dawn we ride’ written by IRONMĀORI TOA Ambassador Lisa Cherrington

Today we went to farewell you Corinne

You looked so stunning in your

Trelise Cooper outfit

Your eyebrows done; makeup; hair: ataahua

Your sister’s done good making sure you look the bomb

And the harakeke wakamoe, aue, (when I go, I want one just like that)

The photo’s of you done by Soldier Road Portrait

I could not stop staring at the photo. You.

Your moko kauae (we were all there to witness you jumping on the table after Heather)

Your eyes in that photo

Staring, bearing into us all, imprinting, imploring us to remember

About this precious life we have.

You have gone before your time,

Your laughter, your positivity, your belief in the power within to heal,

You bet it once, you could beat it again

I remember you telling me how you argued with Tail End Charlie at IRONMAN

(I’ve had a few chats with him myself on the IRONMAN course)

Who pulled you off the course when he did not think you would make the next cut off time,

Your anger at this and your words of coming back to do IRONMAN

(and as we know life happened as it always does and put this on hold).

Your sister telling me today that she had planned to start training for her 9th IRONMAN on the 1st December

(and this happened)

Your sister telling me how she has your bike (“So now you really have to do it,” I said)

And Ness, who has your other bike (so now she really has to do it too)

“How do you all know Corinne?” the whanau asked us later on as we sat in the wharenui next to you, chilling.

“We swam, biked and ran with her.”

They nodded their heads.



Your sister always used to say how it was a privilege to be able to exercise

That each of us have the privilege of being able to get up every day and get out and train for an event.

To be able to swim.


And run.

So Sissy, Corinne Te Au-Watson:

“At dawn we ride!”

Because we can.

This is for you xxx