ACC IRONMĀORI Quarter 1km swim-50km cycle-10.5km run


Saturday 2 November 2024
Ahuriri, Napier


IRONMĀORI Quarter 2024








Event Info

Where: Hardinge Rd, Napier
When: Saturday 2 November 2024
What: 1km swim (1 Lap), 50km cycle, 10.5km run/walk (3 Laps)
Who: As an Individual where you do all three disciplines OR as a Solo Discipline participant where you complete one leg i.e. Swim only or Bike only or the walk run only, OR as a team of 3 where one person does one discipline, (we do not allow any two person teams)

Event Pricing

INDIVIDUAL: $190.00 plus 5% online registration fee 

TEAM: $320.00 plus 5% online registration fee 

SOLO: $95.00 plus 5% online registration fee 



The Registration Tent will be located within the finish line vicinity, next to the IRONMĀORI Merchandise tent. When coming to registration please ensure you have your  team name to ensure a fast accurate pick up of your race pack.

Information boards (on tables) will be provided beside the registration tent with additional course maps, parking maps and our race brief. Event staff will be able to answer any of your questions that our Information Boards can’t. The Help Desk is also where you go if you would like to change any details of your team. Please note that no changes are permissible to individual registrations.

Please note that all timing chips are to be removed and returned at the finish line.


Event Timetable

*This is subject to change, and the final Event Timetable will be updated, once the 2024 Event Race Manual has been released*

Friday Timetable

Time Activity
4.00pm-6.30pm Registration Open/Race pack pick up
4.00pm-6.30pm Individual Bike Racking (Teams do not rack bikes)
4.00pm-6.30pm Iron Māori Merchandise Open
6.30pm Registrations/race pack pick up and Bike Racking Closes

Saturday Timetable

Time Activity
6.00am Registration Open/Transition Opens/ Race pack pick up
6:30am Registration/Race pack pick up/Transition Closed
6:45am Karakia/Race Brief/Wero
7:00am Team/Solo Discipline Cycle Start
7:00am Individual Event Start
7:40am Team/Solo Discipline Swim Start
8:30am Team/Solo Discipline Walkers/Runners Start
5:00pm Prize Giving Start


Age Categories
The event runs 5 year age groups with your age calculated as at the date of the event.

The official Age Categories for both Tane and Wahine are as follows:

  • 18-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75+

Event trophies are awarded to the top competitor in each age group.

Teams Categories: 1st Male Team, Female Team, Mixed Team

Solo Discipline Category: 1st Male & Female in each discipline

Competitors Brief

Swim Briefing Summary If you are a slow or not a confident swimmer, please start at the back of the line. The course is clearly marked with 4 swim buoys. If you need any assistance during your swim leg, please raise your hand and call for one of the lifeguards. We will have marshals as you enter the water.

Bike Briefing Summary (Individuals) After your swim you will head to transition and put on your helmet. Once you are ready you will take your bike off the rack and walk it to the mount line. Please don’t ride your bike in transition or on the way to the mount line. Once you pass the mount line you will get on your bike and ride the course. You will then get off your bike at the dismount line and walk your bike back to transition before starting the run. Individual and Team Cyclists:

  • Please keep to the left of the bike course at all times unless overtaking.
  • Please ensure you have a drink bottle on your bike to stay hydrated.
  • Please ensure your helmet is secured from the time you remove your bike from the rack until you put your bike back on the rack.

Run Briefing Summary (Individuals) After your bike ride you will then head into transition and put your bike back on the rack. You can then remove your helmet and get ready for the run. Once you are ready you will head out towards the transition exit, turn left heading towards Perfume Point. You will then complete your allocated laps before heading down the finish line on your final lap.

Individuals and Teams:

  • There are drink stations along the run course so please make use of these to ensure proper hydration.
  • Please keep left on the run course at all times unless overtaking.

Please ensure that you read the full race briefing. Any late changes to the briefing due to adverse weather or other considerations may be given during the verbal race briefing on site, as per the above timetable. Therefore, it is important that all participants attend the race briefing. Also, please note that the Marshals attend as volunteers. They are on site to provide the best possible event in terms of enjoyment and safety. Please abide by all instructions provided by the Marshals at all times. Failure to do as instructed by Marshals may result in removal from the event.


Question: Do you have any Training Plan advice for a first timer? Where should I be 6 months out from the event?


Firstly, you will need to work out how much time per week that you are able to commit to training. Secondly, find a roopu (Group) within your area to join and train with. This will allow for accountability, consistency, and motivation.

Training- Building a platform of consistency to begin with. For example, 1 x Swim, 1 x Bike, and 1 x Run per week. From here you will increase the frequency, duration, and distance. This is dependent on ‘YOUR’ own personal journey, fitness ability, and time constraint.

Question: As an apprehensive first timer, what recommendation’s/tip’s do you have for the Ocean Swim? 


Find a roopu (group) that you can link up with in your area and once warm enough to do so get some ocean swim sessions in, it’s the only way to overcome the apprehension, and build a relationship with the Ocean.

Question: What support will be out on the Swim Course?


We work with Surf Life Saving New Zealand across all IRONMᾹORI Events. We will have a Water Safety team (Certified Lifeguards) on the Swim Course, throughout the duration of the Swim. More details surrounding the Swim Course, and what you will be required to do if you need assistance whilst in the water, will be in our Event Race Manual.

Question: Is the Swim Course sheltered or is it in the Open Sea?


The Swim Course is in the Open Sea, in a semi-sheltered bay. Please refer to our IRONMᾹORI TOA Promotional Video, which provides a drone shot of the IRONMᾹORI Quarter & Half Swim Course.

Question: How many Transitions are there for the IRONMᾹORI Quarter & Half? And, how do we store our gear?


There is ONE Transition area only. In this Transition, you will rack your Bike, and store your gear in a plastic storage cube (30L: 320mml L, 350mm W, 670mm H), which will be stored below your Bike.

Question: What should I wear for the Swim leg? Tog’s/Wetsuit?


Wetsuits are recommended but are not compulsory (Thickness- 3mm). The buoyancy of a Wetsuit will provide you with further confidence when out in the water, as it will allow you to stay afloat if you require a short rest.

Question: What should I wear for the Cycle leg? How do I prevent discomfort (For example: Bottoms).


Lycra/Dri-fit Clothing is recommended for top-half (Weather dependent- For example, short sleeve, long sleeve, or a waterproof light jacket)

Lycra Padded Cycle shorts are recommended for bottom-half. If budget is a barrier, then basic lycra is best.

Comfortable Cycling Shoes (For example- Sneakers). Please ensure that your sneakers are worn in to prevent blisters.

Question: What should I wear for the Run leg?


The same as what you would wear for the Bike leg, however you may also choose to wear some form of hat. (Weather dependent- a Sun hat/visor, or beanie).

Question: Nutritional & Hydration advice for the Quarter/Half?


The key take home messages would be ‘work within your budget’, and ‘do your own research’ as one size does not fit all.

Pre- Event:

Trial what you would use during ‘Event Day’, at a ‘Training Session’ pre-event. This will allow you to test what work’s best for you, and to ensure your body agrees with the meal, as well as ensuring what you have consumed benefits your session (For example: Carbohydrates- provide energy).

It is essential that you maintain hydration levels the day before an Event, this should include some form of electrolyte’s and not just water.  Electrolyte’s will provide minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride, which will ensure your body is rehydrated and body stores replenished.

During Event:

Trial what you would use during ‘Event Day’, at a ‘Training Session’ pre-event. This will allow you to test what work’s best for you and will fuel your body throughout the event.

Hydration: Electrolytes are recommended.

Please do your own research on race nutrition and hydration to better educate yourself, and what works best for you “one size doesn’t fit all”.

Post Event:

Hydration: Electrolytes.

It is important to re-fuel your body with a nutritious meal that incorporates some form of healthy fat’s, carbohydrates, and protein. This will ensure your body replenishes itself through the vitamins and minerals sourced within your meal. This will also assist with your body’s recovery post event.

Question: Are there Training Group’s around Aotearoa that beginners can join? If so, where are they located?


  • Hawke’s Bay: Facebook Group ‘Whānau Training Hawke’s Bay’
  • West Auckland/Waitakere: Waitakere Triathlon and Multi Sports Club
  • Will include others as they are posted on Facebook

Question: What is the Swim, Cycle, Run Course Routes for the Quarter/Half 2022?


Please head to our website to view all Course Map’s.

Question: Are there any requirements on the type of Bike we are allowed to use?


No, E-Bikes allowed.

Question: What is the Event Timetable?


Please head to our website to view the Event Timetable (Is subject to change). All final Event details will be provided in the Event Race Manual, which is emailed to all participants, as well as posted onto our website closer to the Event.

Question: How does Athlete Check In/Race Pack Collection work? Can someone Check In/Collect my Race Pack for me?


Athlete Check in’s/Race Pack collection is based on Friday evening; 4:00PM to 6:30PM within the Finish Line/Transition Vicinity. You will line up and collect your Race Pack which will include Race Number, Bike Sticker, Helmet Stick, Timing Chip, Event T-shirt Swim Cap and other goodies. Once you have collected your Race Pack, you will head over to Transition to Rack your bike. You will need to ensure that you have placed your Bike Sticker onto your bike, under your seat. If you require assistance, there will be volunteers roaming within Transition to assist you.

6:00AM to 6:30AM on Event Day (Saturday) Athlete Check in’s/Race Pack collection will re-open for those that were unable to attend on Friday.

Transition will be open from 6:00AM to 6:30AM on Event morning to allow you to place your gear/box by your bike ready to go.

Yes, you can collect another person’s Race Pack on there behalf, but it is your responsibility to ensure the individual receives it.

Question: How will my time be recorded? Do we wear a Timing Chip? If so, where can this be found and where do I put it?


Your Timing Chip will be in your Race Pack. You will need to ensure that you place it onto your ankle before the Race starts. There will be Timing Mats located at the Swim Entry/Exit, Bike Entry/ Exit, Run Exit, and Finish Line to record your splits, and overall time. Once you have crossed the Finish Line you MUST immediately give your Timing Chip to one of the Finish Line Volunteers. You will be charged $50 if you lose or forget to hand in your Timing Chip.

Question: Do I need to put a sticker on my Bike? How do I do this, and where can it be found?


Yes, you Bike Sticker will be in your Race Pack. Once you have collected your Race Pack, you will head over to Transition to Rack your bike. You will need to ensure that you have placed your Bike Sticker onto your bike, under your seat. If you require assistance, there will be volunteers roaming within Transition to assist you.

Question: When will the 2022 Event Manual be posted/made available?


The 2022 Event Race Manual will be emailed to all registered participants the week before Event Day. It will also be uploaded onto the IRONMᾹORI Website. This will include all final Event Details including but not limited to, Timetable, Course Maps/Descriptions, Key information regarding Medical Assistance, and so forth.

Question: Are their cut off time’s?


Yes, there are cut off time’s put in place to ensure your overall health and safety.

Quarter cut off times-

  1. Swim: You have up to 1 hour to complete your 1KM Swim. The Swim course will close at 8:00AM.
  2. Bike: You will have 3 hours to complete you 45KM Bike. The Bike course will close at 11:00AM.
  3. Run: You will have 2 hours to complete your 10.5KM Run. The Run course will close at 1:00PM.

Half cut off times-

  1. Swim: You have up to 1 hour, and 30 minutes to complete your 2KM Swim. The Swim course will close at 8:30AM.
  2. Bike: You have 5 hours to complete you 90KM Cycle. The Bike course will close at 1:30PM.
  3. Run: You will have 3 hours to complete you 21.1KM Run. The Run course will close at 4:30PM.




Course Maps




The 1/4  run is 10.5km and is an out and back course that you will complete three times to finish