(2km swim-90km cycle-21.1km run)


Saturday 1 December 2018
Pandora Pond, Napier




2018 Race Manual TBC









Event Info

Where: Pandora Pond Napier
When: Saturday 1 December 2018 (This event is always the 1st Saturday in December)
What: 2km swim (2 laps), 90km cycle, 21.1km run (4 Laps).
Who: As an Individual where you do all three disciplines OR as a Solo Discipline participant where you complete one leg i.e. Swim only or Bike only or the walk run only, OR as a team of 3 where one person does one discipline, (we do not allow any two person teams)

Event Pricing

INDIVIDUAL: $215.00 plus 5% online registration fee of $10.75. Total $225.75

TEAM: $360.00 plus 5% online registration fee of $18.00. Total $378.00

SOLO: $120.00 plus 5% online registration fee of $6.00 Total $126.00

LEGEND SERIES HALF: $240.00 plus 5% online registration fee of $12.00. Total $252.00

LEGEND SERIES UPGRADE: $25.00 plus 5% online registration fee of $1.25. Total $26.25

Registration/Race pack pick up

The Registration Tent is located on the bank of Pandora Pond, to the left of transition, on Meanee Quay Napier.

Information boards (on tables) will be provided beside the registration tent with additional course maps, parking maps and our race brief. Event staff will be able to answer any of your questions that our Information Boards can’t. The Help Desk is also where you go if you would like to change any details of your team. Please note that no changes are permissible to individual registrations.

Please note that all timing chips are to be removed and returned at the finish line.

Event Timetable

Friday Timetable

Time Activity
4:00PM Registration Open
4:00PM Individual Bike Racking (Teams do not race bikes)
6:00PM Training/Nutrition Panel Discussion
6:30PM Registration and Bike Racking Closes

Saturday Timetable

Time Activity
5:00AM Registration/Race pack pick up/Transition Opens
5:30AM Registration/Race pack pick up/Transition Closed
5.55AM Karakia/Race Brief/Wero
6:15AM Individual Event Start
6.15AM Team Cycle/Solo Discipline Cycle Start
8:00AM Team Swim/Solo Discipline Swim Start
9:30AM Team Walkers-Runners/Solo Discipline Walkers-Runners Start
6.00PM Prize Giving Start


Legend Series Half Event


Please ensure you read it all as often questions asked are already in the detail.

How does it all work?

You need to complete the following events:

  • IRONMAORI Quarter (Saturday 3 November, 2018) Napier, which consists of a 1km swim, 45km cycle, 10km walk/run,
  • The IRONMAORI Half (Saturday 1 December 2018) Napier, which consists of a 2km swim, 90km cycle, 21km walk/run
  • The Enduro (date tbc January, 2018) Tauranga, which consists of a 3km swim, a 120km cycle and a 25km walk/run.

How much will it cost me & how do I enter:

IRONMAORI Quarter Legend Series- $165.00 plus 5% online registration fee of $8.25 Total $173.25

IRONMAORI Half Legend Series -$240.00 plus 5% online registration fee of $12.00 Total $252.00

ENDURO Legend Series – $400.00.

You will need to go to our website to enter the IronMaori events and The Port of Tauranga website to enter the Enduro event.

What if I have already entered one or some of these events, am I entered?

Yes, partially, however if you have entered the IronMaori ¼ or ½ there is a fee difference for the Legend series of $25.00 plus 5% online registration fee $1.25 Total $25.25 per event .  You will need to go to our website and enter through the Legend upgrade tab, which will be available via both registrations.  The Enduro upgrade just needs you to email the Port of Tauranga via their website.

What will I get in return:

  • The IRONMAORI Quarter – ¼ event tee and medal, 1/3 Legend series medal and an EPIC branded Legend Series Hooded sweatshirt
  • The IRONMAORI Half – ½ event tee and medal, 1/3 Legend series medal
  • The ENDURO – Enduro event tee and medal, 1/3 Legend series medal to complete your Legend Series Medal
  • 3 Awesome events that give you a LEGENDS sense of achievement.

Can I enter the Legend series in a team:

No you can only enter as an Individual.

IronMaori quarter event is sold out, how can I enter the legend series:

IronMaori will have an extra 200 Quarter spots for the Legend Series ONLY.  These will open Wednesday 6th September at 9.00am

To become a 317 Legend you must participate in three key events over a total distance of 317 kilometres.  Complete all three events, to be given offical LEGEND Status, and the last piece of the medal.

IRONMAORI and the Mount Festival are thrilled to be collaborating on this new initiative for the
Multisport sector and feel it will bring a whole new dimension to the sport of Triathlon.


Age Categories

The event runs 5 year age groups with your age calculated as at the date of the event.

The official Age Categories for both Tane and Wahine are as follows:

  • 18-24
  • 25-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70+

Event trophies are awarded to the top competitor in each age group.

Teams Categories:
Male, Female, Mixed

Competitors Brief

Swim Briefing Summary

If you are a slow or not a confident swimmer, please start at the back of the line. The course is clearly marked with the swim buoys. If you need any assistance during your swim leg, please raise your hand and call for one of the lifeguards. We will have marshals as you enter the water moving participants away from the shoreline and closer to the middle of the pond. Please only move to the shore if you require assistance.

Bike Briefing Summary

(Individuals) After your swim you will head to transition and put on your helmet. Once you are ready you will take your bike off the rack and walk it to the mount line. Please don’t ride your bike in transition or on the way to the mount line. Once you pass the mount line you will get on your bike and ride the course. You will then get off your bike at the dismount line and walk your bike back to transition before starting the run.

Individual and Team Cyclists:

  • Please keep to the left of the bike course at all times unless overtaking.
  • Please ensure you have a drink bottle on your bike to stay hydrated.
  • Please ensure your helmet is secured from the time you remove your bike from the rack until you put your bike back on the rack.

Run Briefing Summary

(Individuals) After your bike ride you will then head into transition and put your bike back on the rack. You can then remove your helmet and get ready for the run. Once you are ready you will head out towards the transition exit, towards the bridge – which is the same end as the cycle exit. You will then complete your allocated laps before heading down the finish line on your final lap.

Individuals and Teams:

  • There are drink stations along the run course so please make use of these to ensure proper hydration.
  • Please keep left on the run course at all times unless overtaking.

Please ensure that you read the full race briefing. Any late changes to the briefing due to adverse weather or other considerations may be given during the verbal race briefing on site, as per the above timetable. Therefore, it is important that all participants attend the race brieing.

Also, please note that the Marshals attend as volunteers. They are on site to provide the best possible event in terms of enjoyment and safety. Please abide by all instructions provided by the Marshals at all times. Failure to do as instructed by Marshals may result in removal from the event.

Course Maps

Microsoft Word - Half 90km CYCLE COURSE.docx

Setup in Transition: Only Individuals rack their bike. Only bikes with a race number attached to the bike post will be allowed to enter transition. These are provided in your race pack, from registration. There is no pre determined bike racking positions. Feel free to rack your bike where you would prefer to be. However, please note that there can only be 5 bikes per bike rack (and 5 on the opposite side) Please do not move anyone else’s bike. Those who arrive early get first pick and so on. Place your bike on the rack and set up your race equipment to the right (chain side) of your bike. Ensure you remove any non-race equipment (including bags) away from the bike racks.

Familiarise Yourself: check the start & finish points to transition. Check the Course Maps. Failure to follow direct designated course may result in personal injury or accident, you do so at your own risk and may result in disqualification.

Transition Access:

  • Only competitors are allowed in transition area.
  • Jumping any transition fences will lead to disqualification.
  • After your event finishes, to make the day safe and fair for all, bike collection is only available when there is a break in the participants crossing through transition. Please listen for announcements for times that bike collection is available. It is expected that this will start from 12.00pm.

Car Park Map

The Venue is located at Pandora Pond, NAPIER. Access to this location FOR REGISTRATION can be made via Hummer Street parking.

The best parking for FOR EVENT DAY will be in the  PPG Wrightson Parking on Pandora Road (City End) OR Meanee QUAY, Ahuriri Reserve. This reserve will be open at 5am Saturday morning and is the recommended parking for this event. Please note that attendants will assist parking in this area to ensure cars are able to depart when needed and to keep the lime stone run track clear. Please note that the PGG Wrightson car park will fill up and then be closed to further parking.

Please ensure that, if you park elsewhere, that you are parked legally and responsibly. Please respect local businesses and residents by keeping all private parking and access to homes/businesses clear at all times. Napier City Parking officials will be in attendance throughout the day.

And finally, please keep your vehicles secure and any valuables out of sight.

IRONMĀORI 1/2 Ironman Start/Finish Line